Myths & Stereotypes Reinvented

Figures vary in size from approximately 2 x 3 ft to 3 x 4 ft. I will post exact sizes as soon as I have time. All are acrylics painted on birch panels which were cut out on a laser cutter. Contact artist to buy or visit Forum6 in Houston.

The Pink Baroness by A. M. Schaer acrylic on birch panel
The Pink Baroness

Biker Bunny by A. M. Schaer acrylic on birch panelBiker Bunny

Vacuum Cleaner Weaponized Wondwoman reinvented

Vacuum Cleaner Weaponized

Bang Bang Shoot'em Up

Biker Bunny bVacuum Cleaner Weaponized
Wonder Woman Seated 2Wonder Woman Reinvented II
Batman UnmaskedBatman Unmasked
Giclee Prints availble

Wonderwoman seated 2 Wonderwoman Seated, version 1.
Giclee Prints Available

Barbie French Fries
Barbie French Fries
Giclee coming soon